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Practice Management Solutions

Working with all specialities - no practice too large or small

At Syzygy MedBill, we have access to experts in virtually every aspect of healthcare consulting and practice management.  Access to these resources enables us to assist clients to increase their profits, improve patient and employee satisfaction and reduce stress for staff.

We will carry out a comprehensive analysis of your medical practice, examining every aspect and report on our findings.

Once we have identified the priority areas, we effect changes through the Syzygy MedBill Management Assistance System (MAS).  This is our remedy for the most common ailment facing physicians - the struggle between being successful in medical practice and enjoying personal life.

It is important to note that Syzygy MedBill does not own medical practices; we provide professional management services for your practice.  You will always be in complete control of your practice; we are the consultants who help you decide what needs to be done and we are the management team who help you accomplish your goals.

The practice manager may be our employee or yours - it's up to you.  Often, there may be a very capable manager in place, but he or she is overwhelmed with everything required of her/him. 

MAS involves periodic on-site visits to the medical practice by Syzygy MedBill management as well as constant communication via phone or email.  Help is simply a telephone call away.

Practice Start-Up

The proper start-up strategy can impact your profits for many years to come.

Knowing the countless details required for a successful medical practice start-up is not the only essential to success. The key is to achieve the tasks in the correct sequence and to know which tasks are prerequisites for others.  This helps keep your start-up on schedule, avoid delays and prevent you from delaying important decisions that may impact profits.

Doctors often think they can save money with a DIY start-up.  However, start-up mistakes can often cost them tens of thousands of Rands over the first few years of operations.

Even the most comprehensive list cannot clearly define the key elements of success, nor can it illustrate the value that comes with the experience of having set up and managed successful medical practices for over 20 years.

We provide the start-up services for single and multi-doctor medical practices in all specialities.

We know what needs to be done and we know how to do it effectively and efficiently.  We will even work with you after the initial start-up to help keep you on track into higher levels of professional success.


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