Syzygy MedBill

Medical Billing and Practice Management Solutions

Effective medical billing is a problem facing most smaller practices.  If you are doing your own billing and are facing problems such as time lost in administration issues, high staffing costs, high staff turnover and high postage and telephone costs, then you should consider using our services.  Our services will allow you to free up your time to manage and grow your practice, without the hassle of billing, chasing money and nagging medical aids and patients.

Our service:

  • Offers an outsourced full practice management and billing solution.
  • Experience as sector specialists and seasoned business experience with broad medical experience.
  • We offer a flat rate, as opposed to a percentage offered by most similar services.
  • There is minimal downtime due to our specialist knowledge of the software systems, strong understanding of medical aid processes and procedures, as well as excellent relationships with the medical aids fostered over many years.
  • Accurate, competent, diligent service due to our passion and experience.
  • Compassionate and sensitive approach to patient relationships ensuring quality patient experience.
  • Protection of the doctor's reputation regarding money recovery, allowing the doctor to focus on his competency.
  • Strong focus on loss control and a significant reduction in the percentage of cash lost, usually due to lack of follow-up, negligence and lack of knowledge.
  • Removal of the problems of staff management, such as leave, sick leave and pregnancy.
  • Support over 365 day a year.

We offer: