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The use of spreadsheets by large and small businesses is more common than you think.  The problem with spreadsheets is that they can very quickly reach the limit of their practical application and then become clumsy and tedious.  Spreadsheets were originally designed as very powerful modelling tools, allowing the user to change one or two values and then recalculating the entire sheet in a very short space of time.  Spreadsheets are generally used beyond their practical usefulness and, before long, formulas are accidentally erased, formatting is lost and the ability to grow dynamically is limited.

Bespoke software development is the most practical answer to this problem.

Our experience in this area spans more than twenty years.  We have developed customised solutions for a number of businesses in a variety of industries, from manufacturing to service and medical/laboratory industries.

Our rates are highly competitive and the medium to long term saving is worth every cent.

How does our solution solve or offer improvement to an existing situation or need?

Our solutions:-

  • Are tailored to your specific environment, problem or needs.
  • Are dynamic and easily modified to suit changing needs.
  • Offer rapid response support.
  • Gives you tighter control over your company's environment or operational area.
  • Improves your company's customer service.
  • Saves you time and money due to effectiveness and efficiency.
  • Produces accuracy and consistency.
  • Offers ease of use, which saves time of training.
  • Superior service levels, giving you peace of mind.
  • We are committed to quality outputs.

How do our solutions compare to possible or perceived competitor solutions in the market?

  • Excel spreadsheets are limited and become problematic. The spreadsheet was originally designed for modelling and does not have the size, speed or complexity.
  • Excel spreadsheets are not dynamic, are too complicated and time consuming and are too intricate with limited reporting functionality.
  • Box-drop solutions are not customised and are not tailored to a specific environment or unique delivery.

Our methodology:

  • Consultation with you, the client.
  • Understanding the business and what it is trying to achieve.
  • Analysis of existing systems and processes as well as challenges and problems.
  • Strong user interaction.
  • Conversion or rationalisation of spreadsheets and existing data.
  • Develop a solution to bridge the gap between the current environment and the desired outcome.
  • If required, document the project.
  • Development of the system, debugging and black box testing.
  • On site, user testing, further debugging and modifications.
  • Deployment, training and support.


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